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Every RC vehicle owner has to buy RC parts at one time or another. Replacing parts simply comes with the territory of being an RC vehicle owner. Luckily, when buying from Dynamic Hobbies, RC car parts are pretty inexpensive, allowing even those with the tightest of budgets to keep their toys in tip-top shape.

Apart from reading the owner’s manual of your RC vehicle for specific part numbers, you should also refer to it in order to find specific manufacturer suggested upgrades.

Finally, many RC vehicles, especially lower priced models, come with alloy or aluminium parts, which are heavy and can hinder the speed and handling of your RC car. If you only use your RC car every now and then, aluminium or alloy parts will be just fine. On the other hand, if you want to get the best possible performance from your car, polycarbonate or composite parts are the way to go.

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